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Based on the recommendations and mandates of government and health officials regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are canceling all classes from March 23, 2020 through Sunday, April 5, 2020. Please contact your instructor for more info.

For puppies 8 to 18 weeks old.
TWO CLASSES: Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. AND 6:10 p.m.

Instructors: Dee Pigman (lead), Cheree Roberts and Lee Goertz
Tuition is $114 for 4 weeks, $135 for 5 weeks, then $30 for each additional week. Please make checks out to "Dee Pigman".

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Dog Days' Puppy Kindergarten classes are hands-down the best in town! We're dedicated to helping you train and socialize your puppy so that she or he grows up to be a well-adjusted, well-behaved, enjoyable and trustworthy adult dog.

You and your puppy will enjoy learning on-leash obedience skills training and appropriate social interaction with other puppies. We will help teach you and your puppy the best ways to play together and the best ways to address play with other dogs. Puppies learn the skills they need to meet your expectations. You learn early aggression prevention techniques and positive, effective training skills that will last a lifetime. You also gain access to our library of easy-to-read, educational handouts on all topics related to puppy raising and training. Class topics include:

  • Socialization and handling by people
  • More socialization: new sights, sounds, objects & experiences
  • House training guidelines
  • Biting, mouthing, jumping, chewing
  • Safe, polite, controlled socialization with other puppies
  • Puppy games that both exercise and train
  • Puppy-level obedience skills like pay attention, come when called, sit, down, settle and leash manners.
With our rolling enrollment, you don't have to wait to start! Your puppy may join class any week as young as 8 weeks of age. Sign up and attend 4-5 weeks of Puppy Kindergarten. Then decide whether to do a few more weeks, move on to Companion Dog 1, or another class. Once your puppy is older than 18 weeks, they are done with Kindergarten and ready for new classes and more learning.

Puppies should be vaccinated according to your veterinarian and the AVMA guidelines for his age.

Are you worried about bringing your puppy out around other puppies at such a young age? Read what R.K. Anderson, DVM Diplomate ACVB and ACVPM, and inventor of the Gentle Leader, recommends to vets HERE.

Looking for help with housetraining? We like this book: "The Super Simple Guide to Housetraining"

Study: Do Puppy Classes Have an Effect on Later Dog Behavior?