Dog Days Dog Training


Have you heard of the new dog sport called "K9 Nose Work"? Paula Zickert will lead you through the maze of understanding what this new sport is all about and how to get your dog started. K9 Nose Work is based on the training that is done with dogs who do drug and bomb detection. The dogs learn to find a certain scent and get a huge reward for doing so. We will start off using food and/or toys to motivate your dog to find the rabbit (the scent) to get the reward. Almost all dogs love the game of hunting, it is a natural instinct for them. Whether you are interested in just having fun at home with your dog or want to build confidence, or to go on to competing this will be a fun class for you and your dog.

This is not dependent on any previous training, even if you have never had any other class your dog can come. We also welcome shy dogs and dog reactive dogs because all dogs are done one at a time. It is a great confidence builder for any dog.

Please contact the instructor directly for schedules, tuition, and information: EMAIL PAULA

National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW)