Dog Days Dog Training

Friday Date Night With Your Dog!

Yappy hour begins at 5:30pm on Fridays, last recall at 7pm.

Your Bark Tender: Chet Wise
Email: logos423@gmail.com

Cover charge: $15 per hour. Discounts: Veterans $10 per hour (accompanied by a service dog Free). Professional Dog Trainers: Free in exchange for a business card and teaching a favorite technique.

Description: This is not a class, but more a series of fun activities that will test your skills and offer new and unique training opportunities. The activities will change from week to week and fun competitions will be organized to test your skills.

There is no registration for this non-class. It is drop in, so show up when you want and leave when you want.

Prerequisutes: Dog should be manageable and non reactive to other dogs, or a distraction to the rest of the participants.

Puppies young enough to attend puppy class should start there. Contact Chet with any questions.

Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor.
No reactive or aggressive dogs please.